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A Retro Summer Album

62 Betty in the yellow lightning with twinsMemories of vacations at the lake were a big inspiration for my Fortune Bay series.

74 four skiers and boat (3)





On the first long weekends of the summer season – 24th of May in Canada (the Queen’s birthday, I know, how quaint) and Memorial Day in the U.S. – it’s time to celebrate the return of carefree summer days.

The vignetting and scratches of these family photos captured from old 8 mm film h59 Reid motor (3)ave the nostalgic feel of silent films. Memories you can hold in your hand, they will be familiar to family and friends who spent childhood summers in Ontario’s Muskoka, and I hope will resonate with other 67 Diane skiingreaders as well.



I’d love to hear your summer vacation memories. 🙂

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