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How to start reading e-books today on your phone or tablet.

Right now, the Fortune Bay e-books are only available on Amazon. But I’ll show you how to get the Kindle app on your phone or tablet and start reading e-books today!

Wherever you are, in the park, in line at the grocery store, your book is synced and right there with you.

Don’t have a kindle e-reader? Don’t panic!

You can download a free kindle app (circled in the picture above) for your phone or tablet (or computer for that matter) and read the books there. To get set up, go to your apps store on the device of your choice and find the free Kindle app. Or click on the link, like the one I’ve circled on the example above. (Of course, my ebooks and print books will still be for sale on Amazon if you decide not to join KU.)

I am doing the reverse myself – reading my kobo books on my phone and tablet these days. It works great too.

Already have a kindle?

Then do as I’ve done and install an app on your phone, too. That way you can Sync with your e-reader and pick up the story any time you have a few minutes to fill – in line at the bank, waiting for kids after sports, wherever you are.
And, of course, if you have already subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you will be able to read the whole Fortune Bay series for free! (Except Lake of Dreams, the book I save exclusively for members who join my readers group)

(To find out how to join Kindle Unlimited CLICK HERE)

Summer of Fortune

The Good Neighbor

Home for Christmas

Family Matters

Starting Over

Starlight and Tinsel

What is Kindle Unlimited?

It’s an Amazon package where for $9.99 a month you can download and read as many books from the Kindle Unlimited library as you want. Over one million books are free to subscribers on the Kindle Unlimited platform and by joining KU you can take advantage of those offers.

Yes, only 2 reviews on the Canadian account. Amazon won’t share the American reviews. Come on fellow Canadians, show me some love!

Because I have a KU account attached to my Canadian Amazon account, I see the $0.00 KU price as circled on the Amazon book page above. 

Now might be a good time to sign up when due to the Corona virus many libraries are closed.

And bonus, e-books arrive germ free!

If you don’t have a kindle e-reader you can download a free app to your phone or tablet, as in the other circled item in the picture above. I talk about that HERE.

Americans can find KU on, and customers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and Australia can sign-up for Kindle Unlimited in their local online Amazon store. Amazon is planning to continue expanding the service to other countries soon.