Family Matters

Spoiler Alert!!

Family Matters is a sequel novella to The Good Neighbor and Home for Christmas. I would really advise reading both those books – or at least The Good Neighbor – before starting Family Matters.

Family Matters is available as an ebook and paperback at


Hi Everyone!

When I finished writing Home for Christmas, Louise and Blue’s story, I sat back and thought about where everyone in Fortune Bay was in their lives at this point. Louise and Blue were fine, all lovey-dovely, Louise moving into Blue’s new log house, both of them ecstatic about, well, you know.

But what about Frankie and Sean? By spring, it had been five months since they found Amber. Now he and Amber were living with his mom Stephanie, and Frankie was living alone—not the best situation for Sean and Frankie – or for Stephanie and Max.

And what about Amber? It was hard to believe everything was just smooth sailing for her after such a huge upheaval in her life.

By now you have probably figured out how real these characters are to me! Lol. I couldn’t leave them in this situation. The story started to grow and turned into this sequel novella, written specially for my most loyal readers who have been reading all the Murphy family Fortune Bay books.

If you haven’t read the other books, do yourself a favor and put this book aside until you have.

I hope you enjoy Family Matters as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Judy Hudson