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Welcome to Christmas in Fortune Bay.

Sometimes falling in love means risking it all.

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After finishing pastry school, Louise Ingstrom is back in Fortune Bay for Christmas, before returning to Seattle to find her dream job.

She’s staying at the Murphy cabin for the month, with a new boyfriend in tow. Blue knows the relationship won’t last very long, it never does, but even so, it makes him more determined than ever not to get caught up in her life again.

Blue understands her better than anyone. He’s been her shoulder to cry on since the horrible accident years ago that, following close on the heels on the death of her mother, left Louise convinced she would never have a family of her own.

But how long does a guy have to wait? It’s time he got on with his own life. With or without her.

As Christmas festivities swirl around them, fate steps in again and Louise’s plans for a new life begin to crumble. But will Blue be there this time to pull her through?


Here’s an short excerpt from Chapter Two. Louise is just back in Fortune Bay after finishing pastry school, and Blue was at the cabin to greet her.

Louise was back.

After they unloaded the car, Blue stood in the cold, damp night, staring out at the black void that was the lake. He knew he shouldn’t have gone to the cabin tonight, but he didn’t want her coming back to a cold, dark house. What kind of welcome was that?

It had taken the whole time she’d been away to get her out of his system. Well, mostly out of his system. And he was determined not to let her mess with his head again.

He looked at the warm light falling from the cabin window. Who was he fooling? As soon as Sean had said she’d be staying at the cabin for December, his longing for her had uncoiled in his gut.

It was stupid, stupid and useless because she was already at it again. Had another guy on the hook. Hadn’t been back for two minutes before she dragged him out and flashed him like a trophy.

“Expecting company,” he mimicked, under his breath.

Some reunion.

Blue pulled his knit cap down over his forehead. He didn’t want to go back to the shop. There were problems there, too. Instead, he turned down the shoreline path toward his new house, glad there was one place he could go to get some peace. Free from the women who were messing with his head.


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Merry Christmas!