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Lake of Dreams  – The prequel novella to The Fortune Bay Series

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Lake of Dreams, a prequel novella, coverIt’s the perfect weekend read.

Colleen Murphy’s maternal time bomb is ready to explode. When her live-in artist partner tells her his plans don’t include a family, Colleen heads home to Fortune Bay. Working in Seattle didn’t suit her anyway, away from the lake and forest she loves, so she’s back on Majestic Lake for the summer, living in the cabin, helping out at the marina and looking for Mr. Right.

Alex Potter has struggled to stay afloat since his wife’s death two years ago. Now, losing his grandfather, always his rock in the tough times, is the last straw. Fortune Bay, the only place he’s ever really felt at home.

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Summer of Fortune – Book one

Maddie wasn’t looking for romance…
Home and family is all she ever wanted, but memories of her childhood with an alcoholic mother haunt her to this day. So now, when success and happiness beckon, Maddie’s not sure whether to take the chance.

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The Good Neighbor – Book two

He was her father’s dream – and her worst nightmare.

Frankie Alvarez has built a life for herself in Fortune Bay, has a good job at the high school and owns a pretty bungalow on Majestic Lake. Then Sean Murphy moves into the cabin next door, everything changes overnight.

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Home for Christmas – Book three

Welcome to Christmas in Fortune Bay.

Sometimes falling in love means risking it all.

After finishing pastry school, Louise Ingstrom is back in Fortune Bay for Christmas, before returning to Seattle to find her dream job. Or at least that’s the plan…

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Family Matters – a bridge novella

There’s no room for romance in Fortune Bay – and everyone’s going stir crazy.

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While the other Fortune Bay books can be read alone, or in any order,

this is a bridge novella – read previous books first!

Readers say -“Just the ending I wanted for Frankie and Sean!”

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Starting Over – Book four

Starting Over, book four of the series. Lily and Marshall's story.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can find your way back into the light.

Marshall Mason has hit rock bottom, hiding out from the press at the Fortune Bay Resort while he heals from a motorcycle accident that has cost him his career, and possibly his children. He spirals down into depression until one day, a woman knocks on the cottage door.

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Starlight and Tinsel – A Christmas novella

A Fortune Bay Christmas novella.

It’s Star’s turn to shine!

Starlight & Tinsel - It's Star's turn to shine! A Christmas Novella.

One year ago Star’s van, her childhood home and only inheritance from her mother, broke down in Fortune Bay. In case her mother’s hand had guided her there, she decided to stay for a while. She’d gotten a job in the café but that certainly wasn’t any reason to stay. And although everyone was very nice, there was no one really—special.

But now she was excited to be moving into the Murphy’s cabin. Everyone who lived there seemed to find their happily-ever-after, even if it wasn’t always exactly what they’d thought it would be.

Harry Brewster had kept his old buddy Marshall’s band on the road for 20 years. The life was getting old, and he was happy to settle down, but did it have to be in the middle of nowhere? Did it have to be in Fortune Bay?

He’d never been the one in the band to get the girls, and although there had been a few women in his life over the years, there had never been anyone like Star. She was the yin to his yang and just might be the one to help this bottled-up business man slow down and smell the incense.

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