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Home for Christmas

Louise is back in Fortune Bay for Christmas – but a baby wasn’t part of the plan!

Louise is back and staying at the cabin for Christmas. She’s looking forward to catching up with old friends and family, but won’t be staying, oh no. Right after the holidays she’s going back to Seattle to find her dream job.

Her oldest and best friend Blue is determined not to get caught up in her drama again. He’s carried a torch for Louise since they were kids, always stepping in when she needs him.

He, better than anyone, understands that her preference for short-term relationships and easy quips are a defense, protecting herself from more loss and pain. And yeah, she has a new boyfriend again. It probably won’t last—it never does—but how long’s a guy supposed to wait?

Enough is enough. This time, Blue is determined to get on with his own life, with or without her.

As Christmas festivities swirl around them, an unplanned pregnancy throws Louise’s plans into confusing disarray. Will the new boyfriend support her like Blue always has?
Blue has his doubts the boyfriend will step up, but isn’t sure he can wait around again to pick up the pieces .

“Blue is one of the Fortune Bay readers favorite heroes. Big and strong, he’s a gentle giant, but this time, Louise might have pushed him too far. I hope you enjoy this Christmas story!”
Judith Hudson

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