Introducing Rocky and Bernadette!

I’m giving free Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of my new book, Temple of the Jaguar, to my readers.

It’s  Rocky and Bernadette’s first international adventure. A little bit funny, maybe even some romance, these  amateur sleuth/ travel mysteries are more  “cozy” than “true crime.”

Temple of the Jaguar, is on Kindle Scout right now and I could really use your help to get the series off to a good start.

(If you are not familiar with Kindle Scout, readers help Kindle Press find new work to publish by nominating work on their website. If your nomination is chosen for publication, you receive a free ARC from Kindle Scout.)

Competition is tough, so I’m requesting your help. Please

  • go to Kindle Scout

  • read my entry, the first three chapters of Temple of the Jaguar, by J.M. Hudson,

  • then nominate the book to help keep me on the HOT & TRENDING list, which could lead to a Kindle Press contract! (I keep slipping on and off the list.)

I’ll send the first 100 people who nominate the book an ARC right now, because I’m publishing Temple of the Jaguar this spring, with or without Kindle Press.

When you’re finished, just send me an email to let me know at

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I’ll be posting regularly about the story here on my website.
So go to Kindle Scout right now, and get your free ARC

Thanks for your help! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Judy Hudson

PS – Don’t worry, I”m not abandoning the Fortune Bay community. I have an idea for a story for Star that I’ll hopefully have finished by next fall, but it will really depend on how our house and business move goes next month.

Launching Starting Over

Starting Over is now available

in print at Amazon   and   Barnes and Noble

as an ebook at

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and these international online stores

It’s a new Fortune Bay book, but the thematic thread hasn’t changed since Colleen moved into the cabin in Lake of Dreams.

The one constant in life is change. Change can be frightening, that feeling of instability, the world shifting under your feet. But as an old friend once said to me, a change is as good as a rest.

I’ve always took that to mean that change can be energizing, depending on how you greet it. Sometimes it’s not that easy, and there is often a grieving process that follows a life disruption, and it’s important to let ourselves feel the pain. But it’s also important not to wallow.

Easy to say, often harder to do.

But with the help of friends and family you can get through anything. I really believe it.

In Starting Over, Lily and Marshall are there for each other at two very difficult times of their lives.

Click here to read the first two chapters of Starting Over.


Thank you for reading Fortune bay Books.

Judy Hudson

A new Fortune Bay book at a special price




The next Fortune Bay book, Starting Over, is ready for pre-order at all the regular online stores, for a first-day-only price of $1.99!

This is to give my regular readers a chance to pre-order the book for this special one-day-only price before bounces back to the regular price of $3.99 USD the following day.

Pre-ordering will ensure that you don’t miss out on this Launch Day sale.

If you’ve never pre-ordered a book before, don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake. Just follow the links to your regular online site and order the e-book like you normally would. Your e-book copy of Starting Over will automatically be delivered to your e-reader on the day of it’s release, January 30, 2018 for half the regular price.



Here’s the back cover blurb:     

Lily’s not the only one starting over…­­­

Lily Brewster has been caring for ‘strays’ all her life. The more battered the baby bird or helpless the new kid in class, the more she wants to help. Now, her dream of a family in tatters, Lily leaves Seattle, seeking refuge a cabin in the woods on Majestic Lake. Here, she pulls herself together, helping her father at the new Fortune Bay Resort, taking on any job that needs doing—including looking after a “Mr. Morris”, the mystery guest in Cottage Four.

Marshall Mason, charismatic country rock star, is hiding from the press in Cottage Four while he heals from a motorcycle accident that has left him severely scarred, outside and in. As Marshall contemplates the end of his music career and the loss of his family, he spins deeper into depression, until one day, a woman knocks on his cottage door.

By the time Lily puts two and two together and figures out who the mystery man in Cottage Four really is, she and the reclusive ‘Mr. Morris’ are linked together in ways neither saw coming.  

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to find your way back into the sun. Join Lily and Marshall, starting over.

Thanks for reading the Fortune Bay books. I hope you enjoy Lily and Marshall’s story!

Make your own Christmas traditions

One of the things I loved about being a young couple starting out with a new family was making our own Christmas traditions, but as the years go by some of those traditions have started to grow a bit stale and I’ve decided not to feel guilty about changing them up.

Yesterday I made my annual pilgrimage to the Nanaimo ferry terminal to pick up my daughter and her friend who were arriving from Vancouver for Christmas. Unlike last year’s snowy Christmas (Have a Ferry Merry Christmas) it was a bright, crisp, sunny day. Like the scenes of people greeting loved ones at the airport at Christmas at the beginning and end of Love, Actually, the happiness of families and friends greeting each other as they roll out the terminal door is tangible in the air and never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

This year we are happy to have someone new in our midst–a friend who otherwise would be alone for the holiday this year. And tonight my Cuban American daughter-in-law, 3000 miles away across America from her family in Miami, is making a traditional Cuban Christmas Eve dinner for us all of pork (we don’t have a whole pig, but we do have the sour orange marinade flown in from Miami), rice and beans, plantain and flan. We’ll still have a turkey tomorrow, but we love this new addition to our Christmas traditions. So delicious, and change keeps the holidays fresh.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing the Fortune Bay books, whether it be old friends or new, husbands, lovers, children or extended family –your real family is made up of the ones you love.

I know Christmas is not all mistletoe and holly–in fact I’m making that a tag line for Louise’s Christmas book–so if you find yourself alone (or are looking for a little alone time in this busy season) feel free to join the big, messy, loving family in Fortune Bay and leave the real world behind, just for a while.

(Home for Christmas is half price until the end of the year at all the major online retailers. just click on the cover in the sidebar.)

So I encourage you to make your Christmas into the holiday you want. Whether you spend it with family, friends, or alone with a glass of eggnog and a good book, I hope your holiday season is a joyous time.


Home for Christmas half-price sale – everywhere


It’s not all mistletoe and holly.

I’ve cut the ebook price of Home for Christmas in half because, hey, it’s December and I really want everyone to have a chance to read Louise and Blue’s Christmas story before the next book comes out in January. Each book can be read alone, but I know I like to read a series in order when I can.

So I’ve cut the ebook price of Home for Christmas down to $1.99 (or thereabouts – according to the vagaries of online booksellers!) until the end of the year.

Home for Christmas ebook is available at  

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and these international online stores

and as paperback at Amazon

Welcome to Christmas in Fortune Bay.

Sometimes falling in love means risking it all.

Home for Christmas book cover

Louise is finished pastry school and is back in Fortune Bay for Christmas, before returning to Seattle to find her dream job.

She’s staying at the Murphy cabin for the month, with a new boyfriend in tow. Blue knows the relationship won’t last very long, it never does, but even so, it makes him more determined than ever not to get caught up in her life again.

Blue understands her better than anyone. He’s been her shoulder to cry on since the horrible accident years ago that, following close on the heels on the death of her mother, left Louise convinced she would never have a family of her own.

But how long does a guy have to wait? It’s time he got on with his own life. With or without her.

As Christmas festivities swirl around them, fate steps in again and Louise’s plans for a new life begin to crumble. Will Blue be there this time to pull her through?

CLICK HERE To read a short excerpt from Home for Christmas.


Happy reading and happy holidays!