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Cover Confusion

Looking back on 2018 – well, it’s been a crazy year. Despite The Big Move, I managed to publish three books, two that were already mostly written, Starting Over (Fortune Bay) and Temple of the Jaguar (Rocky and Bernadette Mystery #1), and the last Fortune Bay book (I think) Starlight and Tinsel, that I did write this year. In the confusion of packing, selling a business and moving our workshops, I’m amazed I got them out!

My scattered state of mind is evidenced by how I mixed up my two free books here on the page! Sorry if it had new readers scratching their heads.

Summer of Fortune – the first full length Fortune Bay e-book – is free at all online retailers.

(Please let me know if Amazon changes it back to 99cents, as they do randomly. I think just to show they can!).

And Lake of Dreams, the prequel novella is now my gift to new members of my readers group. If you are a member and for some reason have never received it, let me know. If you’d like to join, Click Here.

You can email me anytime about anything at  I love hearing from readers.

I also changed some covers, but just to confuse people even more, I’m changing the cover of Summer of Fortune – the free book – back to my original cover.

I was starting a rebranding but realized I loved most of my original covers, ones that resonated with me from the start since I designed them myself with my graphic-designer daughter Rosey. So I’m changing Summer of Fortune back.

Summer of Fortune is free at all online retailers.


I do plan to change the covers of Home for Christmas – again. The original only said “Christmas” to someone from the pacific Northwest -lol. And the new one is too visually confusing to see the title and my name.

I’m also going to change the cover of The Good Neighbor, which I think is too static and does not reflect Frankie’s character. So watch for all that in the new year!

I’m talking about these covers on Jo-Ann Carson’s podcast, Blood Sweat and Words, that aired Christmas Day 2018. It was fun. Have a listen.

So I hope 2019 is a quiet year around here.

Now – on to the next book!


I’m on a virtual journey with Rocky and Bernadette, my mystery protagonists, to Cremona, a city in northwestern Italy that I love. My husband is in the violin business so it’s no coincidence we’ve been to The home of Stradivarius numerous times and there are still over 100 violin makers in the ancient city.

I thought I’d show you a few of the photographs I took there that I have set up as a slide show on my two monitors to inspire me with glimpses into this intriguing world as I write.


To see the website for Rocky ad Bernadette’s first story, Temple of the Jaguar, set in the Yucatan, go to

More on the Rocky and Bernadette mysteries soon.

Introducing Rocky and Bernadette!

I’m giving free Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of my new book, Temple of the Jaguar, to my readers.

It’s  Rocky and Bernadette’s first international adventure. A little bit funny, maybe even some romance, these  amateur sleuth/ travel mysteries are more  “cozy” than “true crime.”

Temple of the Jaguar, is on Kindle Scout right now and I could really use your help to get the series off to a good start.

(If you are not familiar with Kindle Scout, readers help Kindle Press find new work to publish by nominating work on their website. If your nomination is chosen for publication, you receive a free ARC from Kindle Scout.)

Competition is tough, so I’m requesting your help. Please

  • go to Kindle Scout

  • read my entry, the first three chapters of Temple of the Jaguar, by J.M. Hudson,

  • then nominate the book to help keep me on the HOT & TRENDING list, which could lead to a Kindle Press contract! (I keep slipping on and off the list.)

I’ll send the first 100 people who nominate the book an ARC right now, because I’m publishing Temple of the Jaguar this spring, with or without Kindle Press.

When you’re finished, just send me an email to let me know at

Click here to find out more about the book

I’ll be posting regularly about the story here on my website.
So go to Kindle Scout right now, and get your free ARC

Thanks for your help! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Judy Hudson

PS – Don’t worry, I”m not abandoning the Fortune Bay community. I have an idea for a story for Star that I’ll hopefully have finished by next fall, but it will really depend on how our house and business move goes next month.