The Secret of Elk Horn Lodge

What if you inherited a deserted mansion,

and a hostile new family to go with it,

a missing half-sister you didn’t know existed,

and had only three short months to find her?

Alone after the death of her mother, Holly receives a letter from a lawyer on Vancouver Island, inviting her to the reading of her grandfather’s will. A grandfather she has never known.

Upon her arrival, she is astonished to learn she is the co-inheritor a hunting lodge, a rundown, Victorian monstrosity on a cliff above the ocean that has been vacant for years.

As she begins to piece together clues from her grandfather’s secretive life and his curious connection to Hollywood’s Golden Age, Holly realizes the inheritance comes with strings attached.

In a race against time, she must find the half-sister she has never known, and fend off her newly-found family,who are ready to fight for the land they believe should be theirs.

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