What is BookBub, and why should I join?

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If you are one of the millions of readers who already subscribe to BooBbub, I’ll just say it now – Please, follow me on BookBub!

Not familiar with BookBub?
You can check it out here
and join millions of ebook readers on this free, curated online platform.
Once BookBub knows your reading preferences (which you tell them by filling out a form up front) you can receive a curated daily or weekly email with Featured Deals by authors in your chosen genre. Or not. Your choice.
These spots are fought over by authors and you will find many books by big name authors, as well as authors new to you. All of the featured books are greatly reduced in price, usually for a very limited time, sometimes one day, often to 99¢ or even free. You can request only the biggest name titles or only free books if you so choose.
One day’s BookBub Feature Deals
If you want, BookBub will also send you Author Alerts when authors you follow have a new release or a featured deal.
Readers – and authors, who of course are readers too – also post Reviews on their accounts to share with other members. (Note to self – get caught up on my reviews!)
If you decide to join, please find me and follow. I will greatly appreciated it!
And I promise – I’ll catch up with some new reviews!

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