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Publishing. Step by step. Inch by inch.

There was a line from a movie in my childhood that for some reason we thought was hilarious and repeated over and over.

“Slow-w-w-w-ly I turn. Step by step. Inch by inch.”

I forget the context, heck I forget the movie, but sometimes indie publishing feels like you are dragging a log around behind you. Step by step. Inch by inch.

Today the words keep going through my head as I try to figure out if I have my first two books on all the online book sellers (probably not). As ebooks? Maybe.

Kindle, check. Kobo check. Barnes and Noble (that was a tricky one since Canada is not in their list of acceptable countries. Seriously?!) Check! and ITunes. Check.

There are quite a few authors named Judith Hudson though. On goodreads they had me confused with an author writing about a boy growing up in Africa, and on ITunes, well,

ITunes error


I’m pretty sure I didn’t write The Hudsons Go Farming.

Barnes and Noble, who don’t even sell in Canada, were closer, running an ad for a Nook Muskokalodge (love the name! Logging Chain Lodge) the was about 10 miles away from our old cottage in Ontario that was so much of an inspiration for the first book, Lake of Dreams. Weird.

And what does it have to do with Errol Flynn as Robin Hood? In the end, I went looking for the “Slowly I turned” reference on Utube – Abbott and Costello and The Three Stooges, and all seemed too violent in retrospect. But one version had A & C with Errol Flynn (be still my beating heart) and one thing led to another. You know how that goes.

So I will leave you on a lighter note with  this trailer of Robin Hood, as they modestly say, “The Most Glorious Romance of All Time!” (Are those sequins on his tunic?)