Rosemary recipes – Anyone?

My Rosemary monster in the garden.
My Rosemary monster in the garden.

I love growing herbs. They are so easy, forgiving of not-perfect conditions, fragrant, useful all year round and they flower!

Rosemary thrives in the hottest spot in my garden, and earlier in the spring I heavily pruned the rosemary shrub to make room to plant my tomatoes. I laid the prunings out on a screen and left it to dry on the porch. I don’t really even need to dry any since Rosemary stays fresh in the garden all winter, but I couldn’t bear to throw it away. This will give us enough dry rosemary for the year, and I think I’ll be giving bottles of dried Rosemary for hostess gifts this year.

Rosemary skewers for Lamb kebobs.

We use fresh rosemary branches to skewer lamb kabobs for the barbecue to add even more flavour.

Just marinade lamb pieces for a few hours in olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic, bruised rosemary leaves, salt and pepper.Thread onto rosemary branches before barbecuing. The sticks are quite oily and don’t burn easily.

I also like to sprinkle fresh rosemary leaves, with salt and pepper, on sliced potatoes to roast, but you can also use the dried herb. Easy and delicious.

If you have any ideas for other uses for rosemary, I’d love to hear them.

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