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It’s not all mistletoe and holly.

I’ve cut the ebook price of Home for Christmas in half because, hey, it’s December and I really want everyone to have a chance to read Louise and Blue’s Christmas story before the next book comes out in January. Each book can be read alone, but I know I like to read a series in order when I can.

So I’ve cut the ebook price of Home for Christmas down to $1.99 (or thereabouts – according to the vagaries of online booksellers!) until the end of the year.

Home for Christmas ebook is available at  

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and as paperback at Amazon

Welcome to Christmas in Fortune Bay.

Sometimes falling in love means risking it all.

Home for Christmas book cover

Louise is finished pastry school and is back in Fortune Bay for Christmas, before returning to Seattle to find her dream job.

She’s staying at the Murphy cabin for the month, with a new boyfriend in tow. Blue knows the relationship won’t last very long, it never does, but even so, it makes him more determined than ever not to get caught up in her life again.

Blue understands her better than anyone. He’s been her shoulder to cry on since the horrible accident years ago that, following close on the heels on the death of her mother, left Louise convinced she would never have a family of her own.

But how long does a guy have to wait? It’s time he got on with his own life. With or without her.

As Christmas festivities swirl around them, fate steps in again and Louise’s plans for a new life begin to crumble. Will Blue be there this time to pull her through?

CLICK HERE To read a short excerpt from Home for Christmas.


Happy reading and happy holidays!

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