Judy’s answers to the 20 questions survey


Here, as promised, here are my answers to the 20 Questions Survey:

Can you see me in this picture?

1/ Where do you live? On Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

2/ Which social media platform do you use most often? facebook and pinterest

3/ What is your age range? 50 – 65

4/ What are your two favourite drinks? coffee and red wine

5/ What makes an evening special for you?  Getting together with one of my groups of women friends, the book club or the painters group or some old friends, for wine and food and talk at someone’s house.

6/ I am married.

7/ How do you feel about children? Have some (2, a boy/man and a girl/woman, whom I love.)

8/ I live in the country near an in-between sized town.

9/ What do you like to do with your women friends? See question 5.

10/ All time best gift from a man? I usually either get nothing at all or an amazing gift. LOL Once, my husband bought me a huge, gorgeous pair of antique Russian Amber earrings he bought at auction. Almost too big to wear! (They are pears.)

11/ What was your favorite book you read last year? Hard to say. Maybe A Discover of Witches, by Deborah Harkness, a romance of sorts.  (I’m looking forward to my trip to England this summer when I’ll read the second book in the series and visit some of the locations, like Oxford.)

12/ Do you buy books of  – any price

13/ Do you work outside the home? Early on, I did too many jobs to list, but particularly liked working in the library. Since then, I have worked with my husband on our small business at home, which gave me the opportunity to write.

14/ What part sticks in your mind. Various parts. The darkroom seduction in Summer of Fortune, the dancing on the dock in Lake of Dreams, Augusta’s interference in The Good Neighbor, when Blue thinks, “I built it for you,” in Home for  Christmas.

My big backyard.

15/ Favorite Fortune Bay character or couple? The one I’m writing now!

16/ What are your hobbies?  I do a lot of photography, particularly  when I’m travelling, biking on the local section of the Trans-Canada Trail, puttering in my (too-large but lovely) garden.

17/ What other small town authors do you read? Lots of them! I’m always reading a new one, but I particularly like Kristan Higgins and Susan Wiggs.

18/ What do you enjoy reading in an author newsletter? I like to see links to lifestyle blogs and of course new books.

19/  What TV shows are you watching this year? Always The  Voice! My one reality show. Currently I’m watching Bull, Madam Secretary and Elementary, as well as Halt and Catch Fire and The Crown on netflix.

20/ My email address. Judy@JudithHudsonAuthor.com I always love hearing from readers!

It’s been lovely getting to know you through the survey. If you want to receive email notice of new web posts, just click HERE.














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