The Secret of Elk Horn Lodge



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A family mystery unravels.

A deserted mansion on a cliff…

A hostile new family…

A missing half-sister she has never known…

And three short months to find her.

Floundering after the death of her mother, Holly receives a letter: an invitation to the reading of her grandfather’s will. A grandfather she has never known, who lived on Vancouver Island.

Upon her arrival, Holly finds she has inherited a rundown hunting lodge, a Victorian monstrosity overlooking the sea that has been vacant for years. But there is a catch: she must find the half-sister she never knew existed.

Piecing together clues about her grandfather’s secretive life, Holly soon realizes the inheritance comes with deadly strings attached – a new family, who are ready to fight for what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Welcome to Elk Horn Lodge.This book was so much fun to write. A family mystery set in a crumbling old mansion in the wilds of the west coast of Vancouver Island, which happens to be my home.
I hope you enjoy it!
Judy Hudson