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Check out the new covers!

I’m so excited! I’m rolling out a whole new set of covers for the Fortune Bay series. I loved the old covers when I first put out the series, but lately I’ve noticed they are not at all like the covers of the books Amazon says my readers like, known as the “also boughts”.

The list shows up on my Amazon author page and changes all the time. At this point it’s writers like Kay Correll, Judith Keim, Annie Rains and Pamela M. Kelly, books with covers more like this –

Not at all like my “woman alone” covers.

Does it matter? You bet it does!

Think about when you are searching through Amazon for your next read. The thumbnail photos of the covers are tiny, especially if you are on your phone. I feel lucky if I can read any of the print.

So all you really have to go by is the image, the mood it evokes and maybe the author’s name. Hence,

It was a lot of work, but I’m really happy with the result. I hope you like them too.

So next time you buy a Fortune Bay book, don’t be fooled by the cover. (Luckily amazon reminds us when we’ve bought it before, regardless of the cover.)

And for the time being, all the Fortune Bay books are only available on Amazon, but CLICK HERE to see how to read them on your tablet or phone too.