8 Weeks – 8 Guest Bloggers – 8 eBook Giveaways.

I’m happy to announce the beginning of a series of blog posts hosting eight authors from all over North America who write Small Town Romance. And, to add a little spice to the pot,

I’ll be giving away an eBook copy of one of their books each week.

Yes, I’m highlighting in red today because this is exciting! The small town setting is, to me, the perfect crucible in which to mix family and friends, through good times and bad, for better and for worse. And of course, the worse it gets the better we like it!

Relationships are brought under the microscope in a tight knit community, shining a light on things that I think we might prefer to keep hidden. It’s always intriguing because it’s the people and their journey that keeps us reading.

From spicy to sweet, that small town experience is something all these writers have in common and pass along in their books.

Jenny Andersen will be kicking things off with one of her desert westerns, next Monday, May  23.

If you like quirky characters, you’ll love Jenny. As she says on her website:

small towns

Should be fun. See you next Monday.

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