Fresh Garden Pesto
Once you try delicious pesto made with garden fresh basil leaves in your own kitchen, you will never go back to the store bought variety.
  1. Mix the ingredients in a blender. I love my Ninja blender because it has multiple blades up the shaft so that everything grind more evenly. Otherwise, scrape down the sides often.
  2. Then, turn off the blender and TASTE. This is the most important step! Let the ingredients move around in your mouth. Let your friends and family taste, because you’ll want to share this with those you love. Add more of what’s needed. Pine nuts can be prohibitively expensive, so on occasion I don’t have any and have used walnuts instead. tastes fine.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap to keep out air and prevent discoloration until use. Mix with al dente spaghetti. Top with more pesto, grated parmigiano, or sun-dried tomatoes. Leftover pesto freezes well in tiny leftover dishes or ice cube tray.

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