Home for Christmas Book Club Questions

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Book Club Questions for Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas book cover

1/  Colleen says, about her miscarriage, “It’s not really something you talk about, is it? But you’re right, it still hurts to think about.” How common do you think this experience is? Why do you think women don’t talk about it?

2/  How do Brandy and Amber help Louise come to her decisions?

3/  No one knew how to approach Louise during her difficult years. Who do you think handled it best? How could they have handled it better?

4/  Louise talks about the black fog that followed her. It’s not until the end that she names it as depression. Again, why don’t people talk about depression? How do the women in the book deal with Louise’? Is it effective? Have you had a friend who has withdrawn? Did you suspect he or she could have been depressed? If so, what might you have done about it?

5/  Louise has changed her style. What does this say about her state of mind? Have you undergone this kind of change when you started, or were ready to start, a new life?

6/  Louise holds a grudge against Belinda for, among other things, hi-jacking their Christmas traditions. What are some traditions you have carried over from childhood? Have you had to compromise by including another person’s traditions into your holiday plans?

7/  How is Blue’s character arc shown in the story? Why do you think he waited so long to come out to Louise?



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