A family mystery unravels…

Alone in Phoenix after the death of her mother, Holly receives an intriguing letter from her grandfather’s lawyers, a grandfather she doesn’t remember, requesting her presence at the reading of his will – on Vancouver Island.

Having abandoned her previous life in Flagstaff to care for her ailing mother, and with bankruptcy looming large on the horizon, Vancouver Island sounds like it might be a good option. Perhaps her only option. Whatever inheritance her grandfather has left her, no matter how small, it will help her start over. And who knows? She may find family she never knew .

When she arrives at the lawyers office in Skookum on Vancouver Island’s wild west coast, Holly is astonished to learn that instead of a small remembrance, she is part owner of a hunting lodge, a rundown Victorian monstrosity, on a cliff above the ocean, that has been vacant for years. But this inheritance comes with deadly strings attached, and a new-found family who think the land should rightfully belong to them.

In the old lodge, she finds clues about her missing father and begins to piece together her grandfather’s curious connection to Hollywood’s Golden Age. But the clock is ticking on the conditions of the will. Holly must find her co-inheritor – a mysterious, newly-discovered half-sister, or prepare for the fight of her life to save the land her grandfather loved.

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The Secret of Elk Horn Lodge, a novel by Judith Hudson

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